A Solid Reputation Built on Sustainable Innovation

“Construction Causes Major Pollution. Here’s How We Can Build Better.”

The Huffington Post

“Breakthrough Binder … ‘Coral reefs, shells, and even the limestone we use to produce cement today show us that nature has already figured out how to bind materials together in a strong, clever, and efficient way’ …”

“Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Partners with Prometheus Materials to Design Zero-Carbon Building Material … New, Bio-based Alternative to Cement Could Achieve Net-Zero Emissions in the Building Sector.”

“Follow the Algae Brick Road to Plant-Based Buildings … climate advocates are desperate for alternative materials to come to market—fast. A factory in Longmont CO may have the answer.”

“Colorado company produces green cement that nearly eliminates carbon emissions using microalgae and sand … Prometheus Materials in Longmont licenses the technology from CU Boulder.”

“Startup with roots at CU channeling microorganisms to make ‘green’ cement … Prometheus Materials secures funding to pursue biologically-based building materials to help cut greenhouse-gas emissions.”

“Prometheus Materials uses algae-based cement to make masonry blocks … Burnett said that the biocomposite masonry will match and exceed the capabilities of portland cement-based concrete.”

“Prometheus ‘Bio-cement’ Touted as Portland Cement Sub … Biological binding agent is called nearly carbon free … an affordable, strong and durable near-zero-carbon alternative …”

“Prometheus Materials Raises $8 Million To Decarbonize the Building Materials Industry, in Series A Funding Round Led by Sofinnova Partners”

“How Living Materials Could Shape the Future of Architecture … What if buildings absorbed carbon like trees? This future may not be far away.”

“The data center of the future is made of algae bricks and runs on hydrogen fuel cells … Inside Microsoft’s efforts to build a low-impact data center (because it’s building almost 100 a year).”

“Bricks Alive! Scientists Create Living Concrete … ‘A Frankenstein material’ is teeming with – and ultimately made by – photosynthetic microbes. And it can reproduce.”

“Self-growing bricks, self-healing building materials from bacteria may be the future of construction industry … We harnessed the exponential growth of bacteria to grow many bricks at once.”